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Redefining Workout Apps 

RC3 is setting a new bar for AI based fitness apps, the only fully mobile hands free, real-time AI analysis and feedback strength training experience on the market.

only app to provide full realtime feedback.png

am I doing this right?

no more guessing, 
real-time feedback and instructions while you workout

eliminate the blind spot every rep is analyzed in realtime by RC3 and shared with your coach

Next Generation AI App Experience, real-time AI guidance and feedback on your Posture, Technique, Pace, Strength, Breathing while you workout, based on your goals and custom program created specifically for you by your dedicated RC3 coach 

auto pausing

auto rep counting

auto tracking

weight guidance

realtime pace

exercise guidance

custom personalized prgram.png

breathing guidance

realtime corrections

realtime feedback

movement detection keeping you motivated

RC3's industry leading AI guides you on your strength training journey

RC3 uses your mobile phone camera and sensors to analyze every rep while you workout through our industry leading AI strength training technology, analyzing 44 body points 30 frames per second

Industry Leading AI Features

real-time corrective feedback

automatic rep counting

real-time posture analysis

automatic workout pausing

real-time technique analysis

post workout feedback


PIVO, an AI based smart camera mount follows your every move providing you untethered freedom while you workout  

any equipment (no proprietary)

full body motion analysis

hands free motion tracking

any location (gym, home, outdoors)

revolutionary AI technology ChatGPT
the same technology powering ChatGPT powers RC3

fine-tuned and specialized for RC3, giving you access to an unlimited amount of nutrition, health, fitness guidance all through text or voice conversations

nutrition & fitness guidance

powered by revolutionary ChatGPT

interact by text and voice


exclusive features provide an unmatched workout app experience

RC3 is redefining the strength training experience by combining state of the art artificial intelligence with exclusive features only available on RC3

am I doing this right?

realtime corrective feedback

exclusive to RC3

forget useless stats and graphs, get real performance feedback in real-time and post workout for every exercise and every rep just like coach would give you

exclusive to RC3

complete freedom of movement, handsfree AI workout experience, powered by pivo, always keeping you in focus.

smart camera AI mount

full motion analysis

practice makes perfect

introducing tune up center.png

exclusive to RC3

hone your technique in RC3's innovative Tune Up Center where you can practice exercises, discover new exercises, focus on your posture, correct your technique

perfect your technique

knowledge and insights

nutrition, health, fitness

introducing health center (3).png

exclusive to RC3

powered by the most advanced AI available on the market, RC3 provides you with unlimited access to nutrition, health and fitness guidance helping you get to your results safer, smarter and faster

biometric analysis

heart rate, calories, breathing

biometric analysis (3).png

exclusive to RC3

RC3 combines real-time data from  popular health devices like apple watch and fitbit with realtime movement and tracking data to provide the most advanced real-time AI workout guidance on the market

no physical confines

never stuck to a wall

every space is an RC3 space.png

exclusive to RC3

RC3 goes where you want to be, no confines, no walls. Your environment, your space, your choice.

big screen viewing

watch in realtime on any smart screen

big screen experience.png

exclusive to RC3

display RC3 on any smart screen in your home for a big screen workout experience unlike any other. Watch every rep while your workout in realtime with feedback provided by RC3's unmatched AI

workout replays

watch, improve, share, compare

Watch Compare and Share Your Workout Replays (1).png

exclusive to RC3

Every single rep video replay is available for you to analyze, compare or share with your friends and community

lose yourself in your vibe

integrated with favourite music services

Enjoy your tunes.png

exclusive to RC3

enjoy your favourite music services directly in RC3 while you workout, seamlessly by voice, no more fiddling with your phone

supports your ecosystem

devices, music, social, experience

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