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Roy Callender

Our mentors have been trained and certified by RC3 master coach Roy Callender, named the greatest Canadian bodybuilder of all time, 9x winner including Mr. Universe and the only Canadian inducted into the IFBB Hall Of Fame.

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legendary bodybuilding career and 9x Champion including Mr. Universe 

RC3 certified mentors

your dedicated coach will work with you and RC3 AI to guide you towards your goals, creating a new hyper personalized programs tailored to you every month.

With unlimited in app messaging our coaches are always ready to answer your questions.

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Roy Callendar

IFBB Hall of Famer Roy Callender has been a master teacher, and true bodybuilding professional for the last 40 years.

Having trained and competed with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, he knows what it takes to get maximum results with perfect technique.

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Phung Nhi

Phung Nhi has competed on the bodybuilding circuit and trained side by side with Roy for decades.

Through his master training, she has turned into a Pro Body Conditioner and a results driven trainer. Having won the regional Miss Fitness Champion and competed in National competitions, she has years of wisdom and experience.

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Gabriel Vincent

Gabe has the passion and the drive to make your strength training goals a reality. With a background in Muay Thai and Weightlifting, he has honed his training skills and is actively competing in bodybuilding-winning a bronze in his first competition.

With the help of Master Coach Roy's techniques and his own relentless work ethic-the sky is the limit!

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Jamillah Callender

Coach Jamillah was a track and field athlete at the national and international levels. Having competed in Powerlifting and Volleyball, and studied Occupational Therapy-she has a well rounded approach to fitness training.

With a goal focused work ethic and a "believe in yourself" attitude-Jamillah will push you even further on your fitness journey.

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Coach Ricardo is an established personal trainer with the grit and determination of some of the best in the business.

Combining his own knowledge plus Roy's techniques and methodology-his coaching abilities have helped many reach their goals. With your best fitness interests at heart-Coach Ricardo will implement a plan specific for YOU and get the results you've been looking for! 

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Coach Rishi has been training alongside Roy Callender for over 7 years. He has a true passion for coaching and overall body conditioning. Having battled through injury to become even stronger, he knows what it takes to train safely, and effectively with huge results. With a new approach to reaching your goals-you are in great hands with Rishi!

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