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How It works

you get a dedicated coach

lead by Hall of Fame legend Roy Callender

this is RC3's master coach.png

all of our coaches are certified by RC3 master coach and IFBB Hall Of Famer, Roy Callender

  • unlimited in app messaging

  • continuous performance reviews

  • monthly one on one sessions

you get a custom created program

new program every month

your RC3 certified coach will work with you to curate a hyper personalized custom program geared towards your goals certified and verified by Roy.

you get RC3

strength training redefined

only app to provide full realtime feedback.png

the most advanced AI fitness app on the market guides you towards your goals giving you real-time feedback and analysis

  • posture: real-time form analysis

  • technique: real-time motion analysis

  • pace: real-time timing guidance

  • breathing: real-time breathing guidance

  • strength: weight adjustment recommendations

you get PIVO

complete untethered movement

Join us the begins.png

exclusive to RC3 Pro clients, pivo, an AI robotic camera, the ultimate RC3 workout companion, makes sure your are always in RC3's sights giving you a complete hands free workout experience 

** PIVO included as part of in RC3 Pro subscription


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