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RC3 and 



we're excited to welcome you to the RC3 beta

Join us the begins.png
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make sure you check
all of the boxes 
we do have some requirements for this beta phase as we only have 50 spaces available, more to come soon, promise !

apple iphone
8 or later


android coming soon

1-2 hours a week


 time needed





more locations soon

giving feedback


weekly survey

that's it, time to enjoy your free access to RC3 Pro and have some fun !

Join Beta

step 1, fill out your shipping information, as part of the beta we send you a pivo

Join us the begins.png

step 2, we perform a 1$ CAD transaction on your credit card as a hold for the pivo, no other charges apply

** the 1$ CAD will be automatically refunded at the end of the beta

you can leave the beta at any time and simply return the pivo to us in good order

if you leave the beat and decide to keep pivo, no problem, we will perform a one time charge of 149.99$ CAD plus taxes


finally, you will receive a confirmation email after completing step 2, the link to download RC3 Pro will be included in the email

as part of the setup process for the RC3 Beta you will need to install apple TestFlight app on your iPhone. Use the button below or download directly from the app store.



  • Do I need to pay for the pivo ?
    As an RC3 PRO member PIVO Pod and PIVO Tripod are included in your subscription. If you decide to cancel your RC3 Pro subscription within 6 months , no problem, you can either: 1) Return the PIVO Pod and PIVO Tripod to us in good working order with original packaging 2) Keep the PIVO Pod and PIVO Tripod and we'll charge your credit card $149.99 +taxes If you remain an active RC3 Pro subscriber for 6 consecutive months you get to keep the PIVO Pod and PIVO Tripod on us!
  • How long does it take to receive the pivo ?
    shipping pivo will take approximately 2 weeks. You will receive shipping tracking instructions in order to track your shipment.
  • What happens if I have issues with or never receive my pivo ?
    If you haven't received your pivo after 2 weeks please contact us through the RC3 app or directly at and we will help you resolve the issue. If you receive or have received a pivo that is not in working order (example does not turn on), we apologize for the inconvenience and we are here to help. Just send us a note in the RC3 app or directly at and we will guide you through the no hassle pivo replacement. if you are having issues setting up pivo in the official pivo app please visit Pivo Pod – Pivo Support Hub
  • How does returning the pivo work ?
    If you decide to cancel your RC3 Pro subscription and would like to return the pivo make sure the pivo is in good order ship the pivo back to us using the shipping label we sent you by email Shipping costs are covered by RC3 and will NOT be charged to your credit card.
  • What does "return pivo in good order" mean ?
    If you decide to leave the beta and would like to return the pivo it must be in good order: original packaging including original box and instructions original pieces including the device, carry case, charging cables, remote, tripod no visible damage pivo device must working in same condition as received


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