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Introducing RC3

strength training redefined

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best in class AI
dedicated strength coach
monthly custom program
unlimited guidance

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Unparalleled value, strength training with a coach or personal trainer is out of reach for most. The coach fees, cost of custom programs, gym fees, app fees and proprietary equipment add up quickly 

RC3 Pro provides industry leading strength training technology combined with a personal dedicated coach, lead by IFBB hall of fame legend Roy Callender at a fraction of the typical industry cost

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RC3 Pro

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first month free

starting at 49$/month


Industry Leading AI, our best in class artificial intelligence was created with a single purpose in mind, to help you build the strength you need

+4.5 million

reps analyzed

+170 plus

exercises trained

powered by revolutionary AI GPT3 ChatGPT

+750 thousand

workout hours

+3 billion

corrections indentified

Hall of Fame Legend

RC3 is the only strength training app on the market that combines a personal strength training coach, lead by Hall of Fame legend Roy Callender, with our industry leading strength training AI, working in tandem with you, to achieve your goals 

“We haven't seen any fitness app on the market able to do this...”

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